Fickle Flag

date: 2009.09.27

“field/dream” affiliated with “Onward Kashiyama”
(2009.09.25 ~ 09.27 / Daikanyama SARUGAKU , Tokyo)


Kare-San-Sui Surrounding collaborates with “field/dream” affiliated with “Onward Kashiyama”, which is a huge clothing industry in Japan, on the project called “ JIYUGAOKA LINE”. “field/dream” is going to open a temporary store for only three days in Daikanyama SARUGAKU And we Kare-San-Sui Surrounding is going to install a multimedia work named “Fickle Flag” into the store. “Fickle Flag” is a system that turns color of a captured subject taken by a camera into the three primary colors with the analysis by our original program. The clothes of a person turn out thetricolor. And each color as R(red), G(green), B(blue) is given its own sound, they makes a harmony according to the mix balance of the fickle tricolor. The clothes he chose today might be the mirror of his mind subconsciously. What if the color is only Red like the national flag of China.