Author Unknown

date: 2007.04.26

Hara art museum -2007.04.26


This maiden piece of Karesansui sounding was made for the marriage ceremony of Laurent Ghnassia, the art director of the Marseilles International film festival and agnes b., and the actress Shinobu Terashima. The two commissioned Gaku Uchida, the creative director of this project, who also is active as a composer, to create this piece. The original composition was included in one of his albums as a three-minute piece for a solo vocalist. Uchida newly remade this composition into a 30-minutes piece. The piece takes the point of view of a little girl chanting while strolling through a valley towards the seashore at dawn, and expresses the transfiguration of the scenery and mental state using only sound. A 5.1 surround system was used in the production, aiming to arouse an image that equals a visual image within the minds of the listeners, and was premiered at the marriage ceremony that took place at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art.