date: 2008.03.18

KENZO Press Show
Villa Kujyoyama (2008.03.18 /KENZO Press Party, Kyoto)




 The garden of Saiho-ji, commonly referred to as Koke-dera, meaning “moss temple”, originally was not covered by moss at the time it was built. It was made under the assumption that it would be covered by moss after a period of several hundred years. Muso Soseki, who made the garden, and the gardeners following him were never able see the completion of this garden. It completes by adding time to the human hand, and is a piece that is woven by a limited portion of nature, the trivial work of man and a long span of time.
This episode inspired the creation of the Timoss “garden.” The garden is surrounded by a darkness that does not exist in an absolute time line as we know it, and only has a quantity of time that expands and contracts as in the black holes referred to in quantum theory. The scenery of sound that is heard in this garden might be something a person has heard somewhere before. However, it has already lost its original form of sound that exists in his/her memory. Whoever visits this garden will be cut off from a normal timeline, and will have no guarantee of being able to return to the same place, as if they have been swallowed by a black hole.
This piece was premiered at the fashion brand KENZO press party held in Kyoto. The space was surrounded by six speakers, and also pocketed by 2 speakers above and below. The sound was designed to create a stretchable “moss time” flow cut off from an actual time movement so that the audience within the space can feel as if they were in a black hole.