Phono Synthesis Bath

date: 2008.12.06

Eco Plaza (2008.12.06 ~ 2013.03.31 / Tokyo)



Inspired by the concept “More Trees” to increase the number of forests, the forest of sound that appeared in the Minato-ward Eco Plaza offers visitors a chance to have a stroll through it. The lumber that is used for the interiors and furniture of the eco plaza are scrub wood thinned from the “Minato-ward citizen’s forest”, which is located in the Akiruno area. The real time data such as temperature, length of day, and wind speed in Akiruno city is reflected back to the environment of the “forest of sounds.” As aquarium fish are bred in the river water they have grown in, the wood gathered in the Eco Plaza will always be connected to the forest they have grown in. Moreover, this piece pays respect to the wonderful carbon offset mechanism that the forests provide. The “forest of sounds” set in the Minato-ku Eco Plaza reflects the alternations of the environment, and changes moment by moment through out the day and seasons just as a natural forest would do.