date: 2008.10.29

Kenwood Design
Design Tide Tokyo (2008.10 / GYRE, Tokyo)






Perspective drawing, stippling, and line drawing are all words that are mainly used in types of visual arts such as fine art. The ideology that all shapes are formed by lines, and these lines are formed by assembling dots, is not limited only to eyesight, but is also common in thinking about sound.
The true character of sound is sound waves, which are the fluctuations of air. These waves are nothing but complicated oscillations of air until they reach the eardrums, but our sense of hearing gives meanings to these waves of air, and even moves human emotion from time to time. However, what if we are able to perceive the physical state of sound? What if we can perceive them as countless wavy lines and assembled dots? We ask you to recall a pixelized picture. What would it look like if the particles of pixels were made coarse to a maximum level? Or otherwise, what would it look like if the drawing lines are endlessly enlarged. The speaker concept morphonics, and the embodiment of this concept SCENOGRAPHY, a collaboration by Kenwood design and Claudio Colucci, inspired Karesansui sounding to add several processes to sound in order to create a piece from an image where a sound is visually dissolved and once more reformed.
Karesansui sounding made a sound track for the exhibition space based on morphonics at Design Tide Tokyo 2008, and also did a live performance at the opening party.